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April 3, 2011
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Haseo: Completed by Piperonni Haseo: Completed by Piperonni
This is all of Haseo 100% complete. The only things missing are my tattoos, the wig, and the twin blades. Those will be seen either next weekend or a few days after because I will be debuting the full costume at the pre-con cookout. MTAc as well. The cookout is like a test run for the costume: can I walk around for hours in this costume? That sort of thing.

Anyway, I only wanted to show the costume. Not the accessories. All are done but the stencils and wig.

So, I thought I would give long descriptions as to how I put together everything. If my explanation does not help, feel free to ask me a question and I will do my absolute best to explain it all. I suck at explaining... just a warning.

The Top: Okay, the first time I made the top was using a pattern from a past Haseo costume: one that I bought. That failed right away since the pattern wasn't exactly what I wanted. So, I made my own pattern out of newspaper by measuring my upper body and was able to make a base. I then cut and sewed a front and back piece out of pleather as well as interfacing for the inside. I sewed the interfacing on both pieces before moving on. The hard part was those damn belts. Most of them are equal width. A few are slightly smaller... not gonna lie. It was a pain in the ass to cut all of those. I pinned them in straight, crisscrossing lines using a ruler. After that, I sewed them down with my sewing machine. Then, once that was done, I put the back and front together and viola!

I don't know stitching terms: I basically just turned it on and went for it. That, after checking my machine, would be stitch A and switched between spacing 2 and 3 depending on how my machine reacted. I left everything else alone.

Oh, and the silver plate buckles are made from craft foam that was modge podged and spray painted and then hot glued on. The actual buckles I bought at Joann's and just slipped them on before sewing down the belts.

The Collar: Believe it or not, it was made separately. I am quite proud of how it looks like it's part of the top, but it's not! Again, I had to make my own pattern. I measured my neck and then measured how far out I wanted the collar to go and how high up. After getting the measurements I wanted I made a pattern out of newspaper. Once I got it where I liked it I cut out my pleather, checked it, and then sewed. I added the belts afterwards, again having to cut them both out myself. I decided to make them look like literal belts, adding eyelets and such before sewing the ends down. One year later I added a hangar wire to give it the now rounded shape. It used to have a foot ball-like shape.

The Back of the Top: This was added about a year later. I used a seam ripper to rip the shoulder and neck stitches. NOT all the way. Just to the ends. I cut out the flap pattern and superglued the pieces together. I put a few safety stitches on them as well to make sure they stayed in place. After that I painted and glued the buttons on. Once that was done, I hand stitched the flap into the ripped seams and sewed them shut. The crisscrossing belts are actually super glued in a few spots and stitched at the ends.

The Hip Shields: I looked at a fellow cosplayer's hip shields in order to make mine (=nueme-chan). She used craft foam so I decided to as well. Hers look better, but I'm pretty happy with mine. I may change them later on. Anyway, I cut the pattern out of craft foam, hot glued them together, hot glued pleather over them, and then hot glued cotton black fabric to the back. I them stitched down each end to ensure they stayed together. I then hand sewed each hip shield to the pleather belts on my hips. Those are made from pre-cut pleather belts that you can buy at Joann's. I added the buckle to each belt and have since made many holes in the other to adjust tightness.

The Ass Guards: J made these. There is no way I could have done this. They are made from a cardboard base which was then covered in hot glue. All of the base is hot glue that he flame torched smooth. After that he glued down craft foam for the details and then spray painted it. I then helped him hand paint a few areas before sealing the whole thing.

The Gloves: These are party city gloves that I altered. I glued down the gems on the hand as well as sewing a belt to the very end so that the glove stays up on my arm. I then cut and sewed elastic bands to match the width of my arms. I added buckles and now I can slide them on and off of my arms with ease. I thought of stitching them to the glove, but I personally like being able to just easily slip all of it off rather than struggling with a really tight glove.

The Shoes: Boots I already owned. I cut out a pattern for the flaps out of craft foam. Then I added craft foam details. After that I modge podged all of it, then painted it, and then sealed it. Then I hot glued them onto my shoes.

The Wrist Guards: A lot of work went into these. Trial and error! The base is actually a plastic trash can from Walmart that was heated to bend accordingly. The wrist area is plastic as well as pleather stuffed with stuffing for comfort. The red on the wrist is made from craft foam and then hand detailed. The red on the longer... part... is heat n bond on red cotton that was later re-painted because the reds did not match. The longer part is also plastic that was covered with black cotton fabric.

And that is that. D8

Wow... that's a lot to read. I apologize! It also took a long time. A lot longer than I would have liked, but it's finally done. I started this in January 2010 and just finished March 2011. Wow... Procrastination! I never thought that I would have Haseo's costume... like... all of the little details, like the flap, the ass guards, etc... I never thought I would ever have his full costume 100% completed and now I do! I have to thank J. Without him keeping me confident and helping me to keep working on this, I never would have gotten it done. Thank you honey. Thank you so much!

Photos by J
Costume made and worn by Pip
Cute dog in the background is my Kiley girl.

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TDLBallistic Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
What is it with Haseo and buttguards/caps?
Piperonni Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha! XD Good question.
TDLBallistic Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012
Like, his Xth form literally has buttguards. For what purpose, other than deterring Endrance? Who is ever going to stab him in the ass.
Piperonni Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Exactly! lol
ZeroKD Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Hobbyist
Hell yea! it looks wonderful.

once i find a good source of fabric to buy im going to start on mine.

too bad your not going to sakuracon over in washington with this.
Piperonni Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!

I wish I could. I've always wanted to go. Perhaps on year. C:
ShinseiTenshi Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Uwaaa!!! It all looks so awesome!!!
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Yay your costume is finally done! <3 It looks awesome

Also your dog photo-bombed you like 3 times XD
Piperonni Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. C:

Yeah I know. She's a bit of a camera whore. XD
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Looks good! Now get to work on the next costume!
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